How to Look Good Feel Good and Make Money

You too can achieve true financial freedom and get your life back by creating a large residual income even starting on a part time basis from the comfort of your own home.

Juice Plus offers fruit, vegetables and berries in a convenient form as great tasting nutritional shakes for meal replacement and as a supplement in capsule or chewable form as part of a balanced healthy diet to help you look good and feel good. If you are interested in helping your friends achieve their fitness or weight loss goals and earning a significant additional income part time, this could be for you.

THE PERFECT JOB: No 9-5, work with friends, don't turn up still get paid bonuses, recognition = more bonuses, travel world wide, no stuffy office, more fun parties, massive results and satisfaction wear what you like residual income, *no stock *no money handling *no paper work or accountant needed *no overheads trained for free (no degree needed) financially FREE before you are 65 ... SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? MUST BE JUICE PLUS+!!

I am looking for people who like me are: • Passionate about health • Interested in fitness • Enjoy helping others • Driven by success If this sounds like you and you are interested I am gifting you the opportunity to make a fantastic extra income. Join the team that is a virtual franchise of your very own. Full mentoring support given.

Stephen Tierney is an Independent Health & Wealth Lifestyle Consultant for Juice Plus. For more information on how our products may transform your life and the opportunity to earn extra money working part time from home, call 447745 046278 or e mail or visit our web site quoting dealer ID UK047687... and watch the videos below.

For a proven weight loss lifestyle program check out Transform 30 for diet tips and ideas and free healthy menu options.

The Juice Plus Lifestyle

The JuicePlus Lifestyle

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